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Online newsletters

Business Newsletters

Sending out a regular, online newsletter can generate leads, which will help your business grow.

Tho' let’s face it, coming up with what to say in your newsletter can sometimes feel like a chore.

And even if you do know what to say, you've got to upload everything, check the layout, and remember to send it out each month.

Have you really got time for that?

Every single month?

Have you figured it out yet..?

That's what I'm here for!

I can work with your favourite online newsletter service, although I highly recommend (and prefer) using Mailchimp, to help keep you at the top of your customer's mind.

Happy Clients

"You're a marvel!

I can't get over how quickly you do my newsletter each month."

Sue Dwan
Dwan and Associates

"After reading Marion’s email newsletters and liking the nice newsy style of her writing I decided to use her services.  I am so pleased I did."

Susanne Rossiter
Celebrant, Ceremonies With Susanne

Mailchimp Expert

My Virtual Assistant is proud to be a member of the Mailchimp Partner Program, and is listed as a Mailchimp Expert.

Using Mailchimp as a preferred online newsletter service since 2009, means I understand how their service works.

And that means you don't have to waste your time and energy trying to figure it all out for yourself!

Online Newsletters - so how does it all work?

Why can't I just send out emails to my database?

Using an online newsletter service, such as Mailchimp, means you get to see what happens after you click 'send'.

For example, if you send out a bunch of emails to your clients/potential clients, as soon as you click 'send', you have no idea if your email went to the right place or disappeared into cyberspace!

Mailchimp enables you to take a look at who opened your newsletter, what topics were clicked on and whether the newsletter was forwarded to someone else.

All very valuable information if you are trying to appeal to your audience.

Account set up

Your Mailchimp account will be in your name and it will belong to you.

I can send you instructions on how to easily set things up and provide me with full access to your account.

You can have a free account with Mailchimp if your database has less than 500 recipients.

Uploading your database

Simply email your Excel database to me and I'll upload it to Mailchimp for connection to your online newsletter.

If required, databases can be categorised for different campaigns.

Note:  Extra costs apply for databases over 500 and/or database editing.

Creating your newsletter

Your logo and brand colours will be used to create your initial newsletter template.

Once the template has been set up it can be used time and again for ongoing email campaigns.

Response forms

Newsletter response forms will be customised to your brand.

Response forms are sent automatically when you get a new subscriber or when someone chooses to opt-out or unsubscribe from your database.

How is the newsletter content added?

Your newsletter/s can be sent out as often as you wish, e.g. weekly, monthly, annually.

Sending Tip:  It's best to pick a regular date and stick to it!  E.g. last working day of every month.

Simply email your text and images directly to me at least three working days prior to your nominated 'send date' and I'll upload everything for you.

All you have to do is approve your draft newsletter, then once that's done, I'll set it up to automatically go out to your database on whatever date and time you wish.

Note:  Cost is subject to the amount of content and/or image editing.

Sign up forms

Newsletter sign-up forms will be customised to your brand and they can also be added to your website.

Sign-up forms make things nice and easy for your customers to opt in and keep up-to-date with what you have to say.

Your customers can also opt out whenever they wish.

Either way, your database will always be automatically current without you having to lift a finger or mess around with cumbersome spreadsheets.

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