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Get your business online with no fuss and no-nonsense for $590 *

Special Announcement

Announcing the launch of a new No Nonsense website initiative for small to medium-sized businesses and startups.

If you've ever started a brand new business on a shoestring budget, you'll know exactly how difficult it can be to find the funds to get your business online.

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No Nonsense website

My Virtual Assistant has always believed that websites shouldn't cost the earth.

And I'm delighted to offer No Nonsense, user-friendly, great-looking websites that will give you the web presence your start-up business is looking for.

A No Nonsense website is designed to provide basic, relevant information about you and your business to your customers/potential customers.

And at the same time, it gives your business that all-important online presence, with the intention of being added to as your business grows.

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Who is a No Nonsense website for?

No Nonsense websites are absolutely perfect for a small to medium-sized business or startup business.

Especially ideal self-made business owners, like tradies, life coaches, accountants... and more!

 ONLY NZ$590* + GST

How does it work?

Your No Nonsense website will be a four-page design template, which will work well on desktop and smartphone, and can be adapted for any small business.

Using New Zealand-based platform, Rocketspark, your website will utilise a pre-set layout created by My Virtual Assistant, which will be customised with your logo and brand colours.

And if you don’t already have your website copy and imagery, My Virtual Assistant can help with that too.

Rocketspark Design Partner

It's so easy!

I’ll get things started for you, create your site and make it go ‘live’.

You'll get your business online, with no fuss and with no nonsense.
Later on, as your business evolves, you'll already have your 'live' No Nonsense website, which is ready and waiting to grow as your business grows.

And that means, as your business expands or takes on a new direction you'll already have that all-important online presence, so you won't need to start from scratch when the time comes to refresh and update your site.

No Nonsense Website - only NZ$590 + GST*


  • Four website pages, e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact

  • Website copy editing and proofreading

  • One banner image for each website page

  • Up to three images for each website page

  • Social media links

  • Google Map

  • Contact information and enquiry form

  • Website Footer

  • Ensure the site is Responsive

  • ‘Behind the scenes’ work, which includes standard SEO, and making your website go ‘live’ (refer conditions).

  • Favicon

  • SSL (Security) Certificate

Click on the link to see how your No Nonsense website Home page could look -

* Conditions apply:

  • Offer open to New Zealand business owners only.

  • Offer open to startup businesses and small to medium-sized businesses located in New Zealand who are in their first two years of trade.

  • Maximum of four website pages, using a pre-set template layout created by My Virtual Assistant.

  • A maximum of three business services.

  • Images may be provided by you, or images from free stock sites can be used (paid stock images available and not included with the original offer).

  • Price may vary if website copy is required.

  • Price may vary if extra images are required.

  • Additional website pages can be added at a later date, e.g. Testimonials, Blog, extra Services, etc. (not included with original offer).

  • E-commerce capabilities are available (not included with original offer).

  • Ongoing website management/maintenance is available (not included with the original offer and will be charged at My Virtual Assistant's standard hourly rate).

  • Website to be built using Rocketspark platform.

  • Website hosted by award-winning NZ website company, Rocketspark ('No Nonsense' offer does not include Rocketspark's hosting fees).

  • Rocketspark prices are not set by My Virtual Assistant and are subject to change without notice.

  • My Virtual Assistant is not an employee of Rocketspark.

  • Domain name not included and to be purchased separately.

  • Extra costs may be incurred for communication and any time spent resolving website connection issues when dealing with your Domain Name Registrar company.

  • This offer is effective from 01 June 2023.

  • 'No Nonsense' website offer price is subject to change without notice.

  • 'No Nonsense' website offer conditions may be subject to change.

  • 'No Nonsense' website offer is available for a limited time and may be cancelled/discontinued without notice.

Website design and management

If your website needs more than four website pages, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

A message from Jason Tiller

Hi Marion!

I just wanna thank you for all that you contribute to Rocketspark.

Your feedback alone is priceless as you have so much experience in the wider web world, and it's context we just don't have - so, again, thank you!

Jason Tiller
Head of Partnerships


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