Case Study

Heléne Henare Artist

Heléne Henare Artist

Heléne knew her old website wasn’t showcasing her artwork as well as she would have liked.

She also knew her website should be an effective platform for selling original works and art prints, as well as being a place for special offers and promotions.

Out with the old...

With large blocks of uninteresting that hadn't been broken up into paragraphs, Heléne's old website content felt overwhelming and uninviting to her readers.

Headings and sub-headings were non-existent, and the font size was so teeny-tiny, making any chance of it being read very difficult.

There was no branding or any kind of cohesive feel to the site.

Getting started

In this case study, the first issue to address was to create brand consistency for 'Heléne Henare Artist'.

Heléne's artistic inspiration is sparked by the sea and New Zealand's unparalleled native bush.

Taking colour cues from her favourite original artworks, My Virtual Assistant used Heléne's signature to create a simple logo.

The logo colours were then utilised throughout her new website.

In with the new...

With so many beautiful original artworks to display, an essential feature of Heléne's website needed to be ease of navigation, with exceptional user experience.

Online shopping, including full descriptions for each art piece, was imperative.

Capturing customer information was an idea Heléne had toyed with for a number of years, but she felt it was all too hard. 

Her new website is now linked directly to Mailchimp, which is an online newsletter service, and this enables her to maintain direct contact with people who want to hear from her.

Heléne now has a growing database and can easily notify her customers when she has a sale, special offers, and when new artworks are available for release.

A message from Heléne

"I'm absolutely thrilled with my fabulous new website that Marion has created for me!

She designed the whole thing!

Re-worded the text, displayed my artwork beautifully, made suggestions, and set up the eCommerce side.

My new website is an artwork in itself!"

Heléne Henare

How lucky am I?

Hugely talented New Zealand artist, Heléne Henare gifted My Virtual Assistant with this beautiful signed art print of Howick, as a ‘thank you’ for building her website.

"Arriving in New Zealand in January 1975, and settling in Howick, a beautiful suburb of East Auckland, I absolutely love living in the area.

This gorgeous artwork of Howick's main street, gifted to me by extremely talented local artist, Heléne Henare, is incredibly special to me." 

Marion Jackson - Self-confessed 'Howick Girl'

My Virtual Assistant


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