My Virtual Assistant website is now with Rocketspark.

My Virtual Assistant's very first website was launched in 2009.  

The site was built with American-based platform, Weebly, which has performed extremely well over the years.

In fact, My Virtual Assistant has built around 130 websites for clients with Weebly and never had any issues whatsoever, but deep down, I’ve always wished Weebly were a New Zealand company.
Weebly merged with Square in 2018, and recently there has been news that Square will begin to discontinue Weebly support and service from July 2025.

Something else that happened back in 2009, was the startup of a New Zealand-based website platform called Rocketspark.

Since its launch, Rocketspark has grown significantly, making incredible progress with its services and features, and their customer support is second to none.

In 2022, My Virtual Assistant was accepted as a Rocketspark Design Partner, and in December 2023 I achieved Silver Design Partner status.

As a Rocketspark Partner I needed to practice what I preach, so after almost 15 years with Weebly, My Virtual Assistant’s own website has now been completely rebuilt and relaunched with Rocketspark.

Rocketspark is a New Zealand-based, award-winning website platform, purpose-built for Designers, Marketers, and Virtual Assistants who design websites for their clients.
Rocketspark was initially focused on small businesses, but over time its key customer shifted to web designers.
As at September 2021, Rocketspark has users in 27 countries and a loyal community of 1,000 'partners’ who design websites for their clients using the Rocketspark website platform.
Rocketspark - Made in New Zealand, loved everywhere.


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