Unlock the power of testimonials to boost your business

Do you ask your clients or customers for testimonials or feedback?

If not, why not?

Testimonials are crucial for establishing trust, credibility, and social proof for your business/products/services, and they should be clearly displayed on your website.
It’s always good to know where people are coming from, so when a potential client got in touch with me recently, I asked him how he’d found me.

His response was, ‘I found you through Google, and found your testimonials page very helpful in deciding to reach out.’
It doesn’t get any clearer than that!

These days, almost all businesses are asking for feedback, and you should be too.
Whether you've bought something off TradeMe, or recently been away on a trip, sooner or later you'll receive a reminder in your inbox asking for feedback on your purchase, accommodation or flight.
Genuine testimonials/feedback are so valuable, and they are an important part of business transparency.
How to ask for testimonials/feedback
Upon completion of a project or task, or after a recent product purchase, either send your clients/customers a direct link to your Google Reviews page, or write a nicely worded email, and simply ask for a testimonial or feedback on the work you have done.

Here’s why you should be asking for testimonials and adding them to your website:

  1. Build trust and credibility
    Testimonials serve as social proof that your product or service has been used and appreciated by others. Positive feedback from satisfied customers can help build trust and credibility with your potential customers.

  2. Increase your conversions
    When potential customers see testimonials from your happy clients, it can positively influence their purchasing decisions. Testimonials act as endorsements and provide evidence that your product or service is valuable and effective.  This can lead to increased conversions and sales.

  3. Provide real-world examples
    Testimonials offer real-world examples of how your product or service has solved problems or fulfilled a previous customer's needs.  Specific examples and experiences can resonate with potential customers, which could help them understand the benefits and value you are able to provide.

  4. Encourage your website engagement
    When potential customers see authentic and relatable stories from your satisfied clients, they will likely spend time on your website, exploring various pages, and learning more about you and what you offer.

  5. Boost your SEO
    Testimonials often contain relevant keywords and phrases related to your products or services, which can help to improve your website's search engine results.

  6. Differentiate you from your competitors
    Positive feedback about your unique selling points, exceptional customer service, or innovative solutions can give you a competitive edge and help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Remember, it's essential that your testimonials are authentic, specific, and attributed to real customers.

Regularly adding customer feedback to your website can have a huge impact on decisions being made by your potential customers.

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