DeskBoard Buddy (unofficial) review

So this arrived yesterday...
So exciting!
After seeing a few adverts pop up on Facebook recently, and noticing some of my fellow Virtual Assistant peers already had one of these in their hot little hands, my FOMO got the better of me and I couldn't help but get one for myself!
It arrived yesterday and it’s way-cool!

After so many years of having post-it notes dotted all over my desk and sometimes finding them stuck to other pieces of paper that they weren’t related to, I am now rid of all those colourful little reminders.

They've been replaced with a beautiful, shiny, black, glass top whiteboard (?) !  Well it's certainly not a 'blackboard' in the traditional sense!
When you lift the lid, inside you'll find space for the special, brightly coloured glass-board markers, along with storage for a few other bits and pieces, like pens, pencils and the board eraser.  So handy!
Along the back at the top is a special channel/insert designed to hold a tablet and smartphone.  I have to say, I was initially a bit disappointed because my iPhone and iPad were too thick to fit into the 'channel'.  It took me a moment before I happily discovered a removable piece, which allows tablets and smartphones to easily fit in the slot, even if they are a little thicker or have a cover on them.  Yay!

This 'channel' space is also handy if you want to stand up documents or a training manual.  A fab feature for copy-typists!  There's a little round hole in one corner, which is ideal as a pen holder - after all, who isn't always looking for a pen?!

It's the perfect space for quickly jotting down notes and reminders - something I'm always doing when building a website and need to make notes of HEX colours or an IP address when launching a new website.  It's basically the same length as my keyboard, so fits nicely on my desk.
That, in a nutshell, is my very quick and honest DeskBoard Buddy review - 100% unpaid and unprompted!

In my humble opinion, I highly recommend it. 

Apart from being extremely useful, It's has made my desk a lot tidier because all the clutter is gone or hidden away.

My DeskBoard Buddy is shiny-black, which I love - my whole house is black and white and I LOVE shiny things!

It's also available in white.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advert.  My Virtual Assistant is not affiliated in any way with DeskBoard Buddy.

BEFORE Desk Board Buddy
BEFORE Desk Board Buddy

AFTER Desk Board Buddy
AFTER Desk Board Buddy

Post it notes... be gone!  SO HANDY!
Post it notes... be gone! SO HANDY!


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