Celebrating 12 years in business

On 13 March 2021, My Virtual Assistant celebrated 12 years in business.

As I head into my thirteenth year of working in my 'virtual world', I am extremely proud to say that I still absolutely love what I do!

Extremely grateful for all the business referrals I've received over the years, which have come from my existing clients, friends, family and the super-awesome ladies in my networking group.

When looking back at my business journey, I feel proud and blessed to have achieved so much and my biggest asset is my happy clients.  After all, my clients are the reason my business is still in business. 

To all my fabulous and loyal clients - THANK YOU.

Here's a great quote, which sums up the milestone of achieving another year in business:

"Celebrating a corporate anniversary is one of the better ways to communicate your experience and reliability without having to say 'look how experienced and reliable I am."


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