Getting customer feedback and how to use it

These days customer feedback is oh so important!
Compiling all your testimonials in one place on your website makes things easier for your potential clients to read what others think of your services and of you.
Use short versions of your client feedback on every page of your website, to showcase the good work you have done.
This will give potential clients a clear understanding of what they can expect from you before you even begin working together. 

Client testimonials can be pre-printed so they are ready to be given to a potential client when you’re meeting for the first time.  Make sure you use a catchy heading for each one and try to include the name of the person it’s from, along with a photo if you have one (this helps with credibility).  Ensure the comments are easy to read and laid out nicely on the page.
Fabulous words of praise can be used to create case studies that highlight how your products and services have helped your clients become more successful.

Keep in mind that client testimonials don't have to be formal letters of recommendation. You can collect (always ask for permission before using) any casual compliments from your clients you might receive either verbally or via email.
Some of your clients may agree to do a video for you, which talks about the wonderful experience they had while working with you.  Testimonial videos are gold!
You might like to prepare a standard testimonial form for your clients to complete to make it easier for them (and for you!) to provide feedback.
Asking a client for feedback can feel a little daunting, but you will find that many of your customers will have no problem writing a few paragraphs for you.
Always ask at the end of a completed project, so that the work you have done is still fresh in your client’s mind.​


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