Wins and lessons

Recently I was asked about my business wins and lessons...

I’ve always loved art and design, but when I was 16 my art teacher told me I was too much of a perfectionist to ever be any good at it.

Here I am now, running my own business and one of the things I absolutely adore doing is designing and creating brochures/flyers, and of course, building websites.

About to leave school and having been knocked back as a teenager by that art teacher, I decided not to pursue my dream career of training to become a graphic designer and instead, found myself working in the travel industry!

Now that I am a lot older and working in my own business as a Virtual Assistant, I receive immense satisfaction in finally achieving my dream of doing design work and simply revel in the enjoyment of being allowed to be as creative as I want to be.

So a big LIFE lesson for me is don’t ever allow silly art teachers to destroy your dreams and never, ever give up on your passion.

In 2009, I built my first ever website for my brand new business - My Virtual Assistant - and if someone had told me that I would one day be building websites for business owners, I would have laughed and said, ‘Yeah right!’ 

As I write, I have so far created over 40 websites with two more due to go live in the near future.

My 'favourite thing' is when a client doesn’t know how they would like their website to look and they grant me free reign to do whatever I want to do. 

Consequently, I often feel a wee bit nervous when I'm about to send them the first draft and so far, thankfully, every single client has loved what I've come up with - that in itself is a massive WIN and huge buzz for me.


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