The power of sending a regular business newsletter

Yesterday I received a lovely message from a client in Switzerland.  Part of her message read:

"Your work is amazing, and I am always loving reading your newsletters.

You are one savvy businesswoman! 

I have you in mind for some future projects down the track and I'll be in touch again before too long :)

Just know your newsletters are being read and keep you on my mind. 

Well done!"

Firstly, it's great to know that someone out there is actually reading my newsletters!

And secondly, it just goes to show that keeping in regular contact with your clients really does remind them that you are still in business and helps to keep you at the forefront of their mind.

A newsletter can help define your image, build your reputation and provide useful information to your clients.

Make sure your newsletter doesn't consist solely of material advertising your business - that would reduce its credibility and increase the likelihood of it being disregarded.

Don't write your newsletter for other specialists in your industry, instead, fill it with information that can help your clients.

And of course, when you need help creating and sending your newsletter, get in touch with  My Virtual Assistant.


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