Who knew being a Virtual Assistant could be so much fun?!

Back in March 2009, when I first launched my business I thought it would be pretty cool working from home and being my own boss, and of course, those things are wonderful, but I didn’t realise how much fun it was going to be as well!

Apart from having some truly lovely clients who are an absolute delight to work with, the tasks I get to work on are always interesting and varied.

One minute I might be designing a flyer, the next I’m updating a client’s website or creating a brand new template website from scratch.

Then, I’m designing a brochure, setting up a newsletter, formatting a document, making a YouTube movie, or creating a PowerPoint presentation!

I’ve even taken photos of local scenery for clients to use on promotional material and on their websites!

When it comes to the kind of work I will do for my clients, I’m always open to suggestion and there’s not much I won’t put my hand to.

I love figuring out new things and really enjoy the chance to be creative, alsong with the buzz I get from the end result – especially when I have a happy client as well!

I always enjoyed my jobs when I worked in the ‘real world’ and it’s like everything I learnt during those years has culminated into everything I now do as a Virtual Assistant and best of all, it’s all so fascinating and diverse!

I often tell people that ‘I love what I do’ and do you know what?  I really do!


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