Getting time back for YOU!

On an almost daily basis, my partner and I seem to invent things.

Just the other day he was fast forwarding through the ads with the Sky TV remote, when he looked at me and said ‘we need a button that instantly fast forwards for 8 seconds at a speed of x30, so we can miss all the ads at the touch of a button’ and then he said, ‘I bet someone, somewhere is working on that right now’.

Whereas, I want ‘My Sky’ to have a click and drag feature so that I can move all my stored movies into my own file and my partner can put his into his own file, then we wouldn’t have to wade through each other’s stuff to find our favourite programmes.  I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later.

It’s like the world is moving so fast that we are getting so used to ‘having’ everything, but sometimes it’s still not enough and we want more, more, more!

We went to see the 3-D version of the movie ‘Avatar’ recently and we loved every minute of it – it’s a definite ‘must see’ – although I have to say, we are being so spoilt by CGI and special effects these days that our expectations are becoming higher and higher and it’s getting so that we are becoming harder to please.

Horror movies even got to a point where they weren’t scary anymore because we’d seen so many horrible things in amazing, graphic detail, that gruesome body parts flying off in all directions at the hand of a chainsaw wielding demon no longer makes us flinch.

In such a fast moving world, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. 

Between trying to keep up with your work pressures and your ever-growing children, combined with general day-to-day life and keeping in touch with your extended family and friends, plus squeezing in time for exercise, holidays, sleeping and hobbies, let alone what’s happening in the rest of the world, it can all feel pretty overwhelming.

In this day and age of fast progression, sometimes you need to stop, take a breath, and figure out where you can get some help which might create a bit of extra time in your world so you can spend it doing the things you love.

This is where ‘My Virtual Assistant’ steps in.

Having your own Virtual Assistant can be very effective in helping you get things done, whilst freeing up your time allowing you to focus on other, more important, areas of your life and business.

Of course I can help you with ‘one off’ projects, but if you really want to make an effectual change to your workload, this can only be achieved by working together over a longer period of time.

My goal is to relieve you of your day-to-day, time consuming duties – things that have to be done, but aren’t generating profit – thus allowing you to concentrate on streamlining your business operations and becoming super-efficient at doing the things you LOVE doing.

So, when everything feels a bit overwhelming, give ‘My Virtual Assistant’ a call.

I look forward to talking to you soon!


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