Inaugural NZ Virtual Assistant Awards To Go Ahead Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

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All over New Zealand, virtual assistants (not the robot variety) got dressed up for their most prestigious event of the year.

The Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand and The VA Foundry presented the NZ VA Awards 2021 which took place on Saturday 25 September online. The NZ Virtual Assistant Awards is an inaugural event that celebrates the top-performing VAs from across New Zealand.

Throughout this year, VAs have carefully selected outfits for the awards event, booked accommodation, and practiced acceptance speeches. The first-ever national virtual assistant industry in-person event, as opposed to over Zoom or regional meet-ups, was going to be the highlight of everyone's year...we even had VAs coming from over the ditch… but then COVID-19 came back.

The VA Foundry’s, Samantha Browne and Jo Jensen, however, weren't going to disappoint their community and came up with the online version shortly thereafter, and it was set to be an online awards show like no other.

The arrival of Covid-19 meant the virtual assistant industry has boomed. In fact, in New Zealand, we haven’t seen growth like this for over a decade.

Many women in administrative roles were made redundant and suddenly stuck at home with families to support. Entering the world of online freelance business support just made sense. And with more businesses than ever before looking for affordable, flexible, and scalable resources to outsource to, it’s no wonder VAs here in NZ are in such demand.

There was no better way to celebrate this incredible community’s impact on the businesses they support, than with these Awards.

The VA Foundry and Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand were proud to present the inaugural awards night for virtual assistants across New Zealand. Celebrating the achievements of some amazing virtual assistants who have excelled in their businesses (see categories, nominees, winners, and sponsors below).

Sam + Jo - Founders, Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand and The VA Foundry

With a passion for empowering VAs on their virtual assistant business journeys, they founded The VA Foundry after growing their own successful virtual assistant businesses, My Girl Friday® and Strictly Savvy®. Having serviced hundreds of clients and growing successful teams, they know a thing or two about creating thriving businesses.

Samantha Browne: Our mission is to bring together like-minded Kiwi VAs, raise the visibility and profile of the VA community, and provide our members with a safe place to support one another.

Further Resources:

You can view all the information about the event here: https://www.thevafoundry.com/nz-va-awards-2021?fbclid=IwAR1_Y5nSesw_dZqDJz4j7ucj49pZq9vF15lgIYAuUvFBNiK5s4_-bS2sB1A

can see a short Clip about the Awards Nominees here - https://fb.watch/88F41ysLfQ/

the 2021 New Zealand Virtual Assistant Awards here - https://youtu.be/i47elL49EdA

A little bit about the VANNZ

The Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand (VANNZ) was established in September 2019 by Samantha Browne, to promote, recognise and reward excellence in the provision of virtual assistance services. VANNZ provides support for businesses and individuals seeking or offering virtual assistance services. What started as a small FB group of a dozen or so, has morphed into a business network that supports, empowers and legitimises over 1000 NZ virtual assistants.

The online Directory has quickly become THE go-to resource for NZ business owners to easily find their right-fit VA and is just one of the things that Sam is most proud of.


Sponsors of the Awards Categories and Finalists
The Natalie Tolhopf- Business Coach VA Leadership Award finalists are:
Irene Bennetts, Admin Army
Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants
Teesha Masson, Strictly Savvy
AWARD WINNER - Teesha Masson, Strictly Savvy

The Virtual Assistant Network New Zealand VA Legacy Award finalists are:
Marion Jackson, My Virtual Assistant
Lindsey Carroll, Outbox Ltd
AWARD WINNER - Lindsey Carroll, Outbox Ltd

The iCLAW NZ Top Performing VA Team Member Award finalists are:
Emma Waites, Admin Army
Kylie Jones, Admin Army
Leanne Rookes, Strictly Savvy
AWARD WINNER - Leanne Rookes, Strictly Savvy

​The Rocketspark VA Community Contributor Award finalists are:
Katharine Hopkins, 1 Hour a Day
Sabrina O'Flaherty, Good Line NZ
Chantelle Good, Varntige
AWARD WINNER - Sabrina O'Flaherty, Good Line NZ

The BizCover NZ Top Performing VA Freelancer Award finalists are:
Emma Diver, Balanced Books
Tam Johnson, Freelance Timaru
Hayley Trashe, Punct
Corrinne Kendal, Virtual Admin + Bookkeeping
AWARD WINNER - Hayley Trashe, Punct

The Rocketspark Best Virtual Assistant Website Award finalists are:
Anita Burgess, Wainui Creative
Leah White, Varntige
Hayley Trashe, Punct
Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants
AWARD WINNER - Leah White, Varntige

The Virtual Print Top Performing VA Agency Award finalists are:
Irene Bennetts, Admin Army
Sabrina Q O'Flaherty, Good Line NZ
Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants
Chantelle Good, Varntige
AWARD WINNER - Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants

The Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers Best Virtual Assistant Specialty or Niche Award finalists are:
Kate Macgregor, Out of Office
Lindsey Carroll, Outbox Ltd
Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants
AWARD WINNER - Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants

The Edible Blooms NZ Best Virtual Assistant Newcomer Award finalists are:
Amy Smith, Ask Amy
Laia Sastre-Navarro, Holla VA
Freddie Humphrey, Little Heart VA
Kirsty McMillan, Shine Bright Virtual Assistant
AWARD WINNER - Laia Sastre-Navarro, Holla VA

2021 Virtual Assistant of the Year: AWARD WINNER - Kellie Beaumont, Released - Virtual Assistants

Article written by Marion Jackson from My Virtual Assistant
(14 October 2021)

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