Another year in business

Thirteen March 2018 marks another year in business for My Virtual Assistant - and that makes it 9 years so far!

Crikey, how time flies! 

Over the years, the promise of friendly customer service has never waivered and neither has the importance of providing my wonderful clients with valuable business support for things like newsletters, brochure/flyer design, editing/ proofreading, and more.

Website creation has taken on a life of its own as the years have gone by and become the main focus of My Virtual Assistant's business.  I have fallen in love with the creativity and enjoyment I get when building a new website from scratch, and take great delight in receiving consistently positive feedback from clients when they see their completed, brand-new site.

I am extremely lucky to work with fantastic people from a large variety of industries and helping clients to be successful in their business is always a huge priority.

This is my chance to say a Big Thank You to everyone who has helped My Virtual Assistant grow (and stay in business!) over these last nine years - clients, networking peers, family, and friends.  Cheers!


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