Do you keep a record of your renewal dates?

Don't lose valuable SEO rankings because of a late payment
Don't lose valuable SEO rankings because of a late payment

Do you know when your website hosting and your domain name (website address) are next due for renewal?

When you are late with your website hosting payment it can cause the link between your website and your domain name to break.

A connection break, even for a short time, can be very detrimental to your search engine ranking.

It’s all very well relying on your domain name registrar, website hosting company or site designer, to send you a renewal notice, but what if your site isn't due for renewal for 2 to 3 years?

And what if that renewal notice inadvertently ends up in your spam or junk mail?

What if you change your business address or your email address?

How can you be sure you will receive that renewal notice and pay your fees on time?
The safest option is for you to take responsibility and keep a record of these two important dates in your personal diary.

This way, you will never need to rely on receiving a renewal notice or invoice, and you will never run the risk of your website being offline.


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