Ideas going down the drain

I wish someone would invent a waterproof notepad!

I am constantly coming up with wonderful ideas when I'm in the shower.

I've conjured up everything from awesome speeches, and emails to songs, business articles and even blogs, whilst enjoying a hot, steamy shower and then lost them all as soon as the taps are turned off!

I've even tried writing a word or two in the condensation on the wall of the shower, to remind me of my magical thoughts, but obviously this doesn't work very well because the writing fades and by the time I get out of the shower my thoughts and ideas have gone down the plug hole, along with the soap and shampoo!

Frustrating, to say the least! 

I guess the solitude of a nice hot shower must provide me with the ‘headspace’ to focus on things without distraction, or maybe it's just that my mind starts to wander.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure I could save the problems of the world (or at least put my own ideas into action!), if I just had a waterproof notepad and pen hanging on the wall of my shower!


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