Wishing you a happy 2011

While enjoying the summer holiday and thinking about New Year's resolutions, I stumbled across the following story about Jim Carrey:

'Back in the day, Jim was just another comic actor looking for his big break.

He was barely surviving from gig to gig and getting booed off stage, but he was so sure he was going to be rich and famous that he wrote himself a cheque for $4 million and dated it 18 months in the future.

Jim carried the cheque with him everywhere, looked at it daily and constantly envisaged cashing it.

The rest, as they say, is Hollywood history - and you betcha, he cashed that cheque within 18 months!'

This is quite a cool little story that explains how the power of visualisation can help you achieve your goals and suggests that you can be successful in your life just because you're 'putting it out there'.

It certainly can't hurt to visualise what you want - so why not give it a try?!

Happy New Year!


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